Call me Ishm... I mean, Brian. I make shirts with sick animals on 'em.

Raised in California, Moby Sick founder Brian Reiner was never far from finding snow, street, or sea to ride. But finding a comfortable, splashy shirt wasn't as easy. Tired of what the industry had to offer, Brian decided to carve his own path. With action sports in mind, Moby Sick was born to make waves on the street, slope, or beach.

Moby Sick is family owned and operated, consisting of Brian, Stephanie, and Seth. Working as a family is important to the Moby Sick team. The brand came into being out of the desire to work along side one another and do something enjoyable.

The vision of Moby Sick is to inspire others to do bold stuff in life. Break out of comfortable, try something difficult. And all the while, do good to one another. Because at the end of the day, family and friends are all that really matter.

The Moby Sick lifestyle is simple,

Work hard. Shred hard. Do good to others.

Fin (pun intended)